Welcome to the 2021 African Internet Governance Forum! The conference happened on the 14th - 16th of  December  2021 and recordings of each session are available for you to explore and enjoy anytime.  Contact us: info@afigf.africa.

Theme: Advancing digital transformation in Africa in the face of Crisis
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Jesse Nathan Kalange

Internet Society Uganda Chapter
Coordinator Uganda Youth IGF
Kampala, Uganda

Jesse is an IT specialist, and tech-savvy activist who champions digital rights, Internet for all and equitable technology distribution. He has a background in Information technology and computer science and over 5 years of civil society experience in digital transformation and an active youth member of the Africa and Global IGF, An ICANN Fellow, an ISOC Youth Ambassador and a Digital Grassroots Ambassador.

Jesse currently serves as coordinator for the Uganda Youth Internet Governance Forum at ISOC Uganda Chapter and Project Lead at Otobox where he has been instrumental in driving digital transformation initiatives that have helped to improve access to technology resources for young people across Africa. 

He has also utilized his diverse skills to engage in exclusive mentorship and advocacy to mitigate and increase youth participation in Internet governance and digital human rights initiatives through the Digital Grassroots Ambassador Program and Digital Rights Learning Exchange program by Digital  Grassroots and The Open Internet for Democracy. 

He is passionate about cybersecurity and Internet Governance and as an experienced IT professional, he uses his skill sets to break complexities in the technology world through championing digital literacies and liberties for enhanced youth civic participation and emerging technologies adoption through STEM education that he has provided to disadvantaged youth of diverse backgrounds through Otobox a youth-led non-profit organisation working to increase STEM education, digital rights, and ICT awareness among youth from underrepresented communities in Africa.

As a digital youth leader, aspiring to continue breaking down barriers to access to technology resources for young people across Africa. He believes that by empowering young people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital age, we can create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

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