Welcome to the 2021 African Internet Governance Forum! The conference happened on the 14th - 16th of  December  2021 and recordings of each session are available for you to explore and enjoy anytime.  Contact us: info@afigf.africa.

Theme: Advancing digital transformation in Africa in the face of Crisis

Gabriel Karsan

Emerging Youth Initiative
Founding Director

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Mr. Karsan, Gabriel identifies as a Digital Dreamer, internet leader and activist. Protagonist of the youth narrative in building modern equitable civilizations leveraging the power of technology through equity and accessibility of the internet and technology resources distributed normatively for all.
With a background and bachelor's degree in computer science and over 5 years NGO/Civil Society experiences, he uses his skillsets in breaking complexities in the technology world through championing digital Literacies and Emerging Technologies Adoption through projects such as the podcast called dream internet voices which led to his founding of the Emerging Youth Initiative a Non-Profit Youth Organization boosting for an egalitarian, safe and progressive technology ecosystem.
He volunteered and worked at The Union of Tanzania Press Clubs as a youth liaison contributing to media democracy and freedom of expression online by his adept skillsets aiding the push for the use of alternative media for mobile journalism, real-time data collection, and analysis for reports on the member journalists, advocacy of the proper use of social media and content management as a democratic tool of modern expression.
He is a pragmatic activist fighting for digital rights, the internet for all, and equitable Technology distribution. Continuously in a journey of self-evolution and empowerment through tolerance, open-mindedness, and Servant Leadership. Internet and Technology. Working to capture the humanistic element of technological solutions with Sustainability and Curiosity-driven experimentation, Creativity, and innovation. Localization of Emerging Technologies and it's multicultural impacts to sensible ideals and pillars that provide community-grown solutions. #TechZetu
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